Python Addventure

The Python Adventure is an implementaion of the original Addventure written in Python and distributed for webmasters so they can host Addventures on thier own sites.

What is an Addventure?
An Addventure is an adventure you can add to. A more technical definition would be that an addventure is a type of hyperfiction which is created by the community. Hyperfiction, as defined by Wikipedia, is fiction in the form of web pages, with links to other sections of the story. Addventures, first named by the original Addventurers, consist of user created episodes which then spawn links to new possible episodes. As these are filled in and new possiblites are created, the story grows.
And Python?
Python is the script language used to create the python addventure, hence the name. The original was written in C and perl, but as the group seems to have fallen by the wayside and the documentation for their code is less than perfered. For this reason I have taken the idea of the original Addventure, along with ideas from other similar systems, to create from scratch new addventure code in python.
Where can I get it?
You don't have to look far. Python addventure is hosted on Sourceforge right here. Logo